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Scarlet ([personal profile] scarlet) wrote2012-07-11 03:00 am


Scarlet: *flops down next to Foxy and tickles him*

Fox: *laughs and tickles back*

Scarlet: AAAH! *runs away*

Fox: *chases*

Scarlet: o.O

Fox: :-D

Scarlet: *sneaks behind wall and trips Foxy*

Fox: *falls*

Scarlet: *pounces*

Fox: *lays there for a bit* . . . *is pounced*

Scarlet: Rawr. I win.

Fox: *grabs Scarlet and rolls over* How about now ;-)

Scarlet: Not fair!

Fox: :-P

Scarlet: Not fair because I won't hit you.

Fox: Me neither. ;-)

Scarlet: Get off of me. Pfft.

Fox: *gets off*

Scarlet: *sits up and dusts herself off* . . . *starts laughing*